Month: March 2017

A Mobile Dilemma

2017.03.31 Personal 4 Comments

If you look back on my old entries, you can probably see I own a Samsung S5. Before I chose that phone, I was sort of wavering between an HTC One and a Samsung Galaxy. I’m glad I went with the S5, and despite its ugly plastic, I liked it a lot.

When the S6 was released, I liked it a lot (but wasn’t going to switch since I had just gotten my S5), but while I liked the design, it has its share of issues which made me cross it off as a possible “upgrade” later on. I’m not that crazy about getting the newest thing, so I don’t mind getting (gasp) a year-old phone. But I definitely liked the new look, especially the white color variant.

Then the S7 was released. I loved all the specs, but I just couldn’t stand the color choices, especially since I was on AT&T and they didn’t even offer silver. I know from opinion polls that the white variant was less popular, but to not offer it at all for US buyers really was disappointing. My old S5 still worked, so I wasn’t in any rush, but still I was thinking ahead.

Before the S8 release, I was really looking forward to the reveal, and hoping they’d offer a white version, especially for the US, but when the release hit on the 29th, I was disappointed to realize all three color variants had the same black cover in the front, which sort of defeats the purpose for me. The backside looks so nice, but the front makes it look like an entirely different phone. Honestly the color I was only thing I was looking forward to. Most of the new features I didn’t really care for (I have no real use for an AI assistant).

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