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Successful Phone Upgrade

2017.04.10 Personal 5 Comments

So last weekend my new Galaxy S7 arrived, and I got it all set up. I’m super pleased with it, in both hardware, software, and appearance. One unexpected plus was how efficient the new battery is. My old S5 used to drain as it sat idle, and now I don’t even have to charge when I’m at work. The themes Samsung built in was also really nice. It just runs so smoothly, and with so many extra default settings available, I don’t even need to use a lot of the old customizing apps I had before. The only thing I kept was LINE Deco for icon customization; everything else is the default. I also got a cute case for it and a screen protector just to save myself from the finger print smudges.

I don’t have much else to say except I’m extremely happy with the new phone, and I probably won’t be upgrading for another 2-3 years.

Lockscreen wallpapers are by Punziella and Isolenta.

A Mobile Dilemma

2017.03.31 Personal 4 Comments

If you look back on my old entries, you can probably see I own a Samsung S5. Before I chose that phone, I was sort of wavering between an HTC One and a Samsung Galaxy. I’m glad I went with the S5, and despite its ugly plastic, I liked it a lot.

When the S6 was released, I liked it a lot (but wasn’t going to switch since I had just gotten my S5), but while I liked the design, it has its share of issues which made me cross it off as a possible “upgrade” later on. I’m not that crazy about getting the newest thing, so I don’t mind getting (gasp) a year-old phone. But I definitely liked the new look, especially the white color variant.

Then the S7 was released. I loved all the specs, but I just couldn’t stand the color choices, especially since I was on AT&T and they didn’t even offer silver. I know from opinion polls that the white variant was less popular, but to not offer it at all for US buyers really was disappointing. My old S5 still worked, so I wasn’t in any rush, but still I was thinking ahead.

Before the S8 release, I was really looking forward to the reveal, and hoping they’d offer a white version, especially for the US, but when the release hit on the 29th, I was disappointed to realize all three color variants had the same black cover in the front, which sort of defeats the purpose for me. The backside looks so nice, but the front makes it look like an entirely different phone. Honestly the color I was only thing I was looking forward to. Most of the new features I didn’t really care for (I have no real use for an AI assistant).

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What’s on my phone

2015.03.29 Hobbies and Crafts, Personal 12 Comments

Last December, I finally got my wish and upgraded to owning a smart phone. I’m still kind of in that “let me show you my baby” phase, so bear with me. Anyway, I’m always interested in seeing what people decorate their phones with. I get kind of crazy with custom icons, even on my PC.

I own a Samsung Galaxy S5 in white, with this pink case by Caseology. I’m using CM Locker for my custom lockscreen, Zooper Widget for the home screen clock, and LINE DECO for the icons. And my Kaworu charm is from here.

I’m a huge EXO fan, and my bias is D.O., so my lockscreen and home screen are both promo images of him from their new album EXODUS. Speaking of which, all the teaser trailers look really well-done. I really can’t wait for the full MV release. I already cracked and pre-ordered the album.

Apps I use a lot are: LINE Messenger, Any.do’s Cal, Instagram, Twitter, VSCO Cam, SwiftKey, and Textra as my SMS replacement.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

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