Plans and Updates

2018.09.09 Personal 2 Comments

I’m like a broken record at this point, but it’s been over a year since my last post, and I’ve let things slide again.

Some persona life updates: I’ve switch jobs and I’ve been working from home, so I actually have a lot more free time, but my work schedule can get erratic at times. I’ve also gotten into raising succulents, and keeping track of all the different watering cycles for each plant has been a pain, so I’ve been planning to make a simple app to track it, which will also double as some portfolio building and coding practice for me.

Otherwise though, I expect posts still to be scarce, but I will try to write more. I also need to switch my theme to SSL, and brush some dust off.

Successful Phone Upgrade

2017.04.10 Personal 5 Comments

So last weekend my new Galaxy S7 arrived, and I got it all set up. I’m super pleased with it, in both hardware, software, and appearance. One unexpected plus was how efficient the new battery is. My old S5 used to drain as it sat idle, and now I don’t even have to charge when I’m at work. The themes Samsung built in was also really nice. It just runs so smoothly, and with so many extra default settings available, I don’t even need to use a lot of the old customizing apps I had before. The only thing I kept was LINE Deco for icon customization; everything else is the default. I also got a cute case for it and a screen protector just to save myself from the finger print smudges.

I don’t have much else to say except I’m extremely happy with the new phone, and I probably won’t be upgrading for another 2-3 years.

Lockscreen wallpapers are by Punziella and Isolenta.

A Mobile Dilemma

2017.03.31 Personal 4 Comments

If you look back on my old entries, you can probably see I own a Samsung S5. Before I chose that phone, I was sort of wavering between an HTC One and a Samsung Galaxy. I’m glad I went with the S5, and despite its ugly plastic, I liked it a lot.

When the S6 was released, I liked it a lot (but wasn’t going to switch since I had just gotten my S5), but while I liked the design, it has its share of issues which made me cross it off as a possible “upgrade” later on. I’m not that crazy about getting the newest thing, so I don’t mind getting (gasp) a year-old phone. But I definitely liked the new look, especially the white color variant.

Then the S7 was released. I loved all the specs, but I just couldn’t stand the color choices, especially since I was on AT&T and they didn’t even offer silver. I know from opinion polls that the white variant was less popular, but to not offer it at all for US buyers really was disappointing. My old S5 still worked, so I wasn’t in any rush, but still I was thinking ahead.

Before the S8 release, I was really looking forward to the reveal, and hoping they’d offer a white version, especially for the US, but when the release hit on the 29th, I was disappointed to realize all three color variants had the same black cover in the front, which sort of defeats the purpose for me. The backside looks so nice, but the front makes it look like an entirely different phone. Honestly the color I was only thing I was looking forward to. Most of the new features I didn’t really care for (I have no real use for an AI assistant).

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A New Theme

2017.02.25 Sitely Matters 12 Comments

Wow, so my last entry was over 4 months ago, and unfortunately I’ve let things slide again. My goal for 2017 is to be more consistent about blogging, so with that in mind, I’ve been working on this new theme in the past week or so, and now it’s finally ready. It’s safe to say I’m much happier with this theme than my last, which was nice, but the overall old theme was a bit disjointed. I’ve also renamed some of my categories, so they’re less fanciful and more to the point.

I’ve also removed the link to Tutorials from the main navigation, since I don’t have that many up. I’m going to spend some time working on getting some online before I bring that page back. I also want to get in a habit of blogging about things I’ve been working on, like my coding projects on GitHub.

Anyway, here’s to hoping for better discipline and more productivity.

When Developers Go Silent

2016.10.09 Reviews 4 Comments

Oops, I’ve neglected this blog again, but the short version is I have been working on a lot of things, and I’ll blog about those in the future, but this entry is about how frustrated I’ve been with an app I used to love, and my unsuccessful attempts at reaching the people behind it.

I’m talking about Moldiv, which is on both iOS and Android. I have the app on android.

To preface this, I’ve used Moldiv many times, and it is my go to app for collages. I liked it so much I bought their Premium Frames Pack. It turned out that I didn’t care as much for them, but that was okay, because I like supporting apps and the developers behind them. But Moldiv still constantly bugged me about getting their Full Upgrade Pack. Since I liked their magazine frames so much, and the prompted pop up promised me 100+ new magazine frames, I thought “why not?” I paid and nothing new appeared, but I was no longer being bugged about getting that upgrade pack, so while I felt a bit cheated, I didn’t come out of this totally empty handed.

I’m sort of a push over. If I get less than stellar service, I usually don’t complain. I understand things happen, and there’s no point making a ruckus over it. Which is why even though I paid more money for the Full Upgrade Pack, and essentially got nothing for it, I still had access to their standard magazine frames, and I used those often (my instagram has a lot of them).

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Enthusiast 3.1.5 fixes

2016.04.12 Tutorials 4 Comments

First of all, I want to say, oops sorry for disappearing. Let’s just say I got distracted playing Dragon Age Inquisition.

This post is mostly focused on Enthusiast, the most popular fanlisting management script used. A few days ago, I woke up to about 10 inactivity emails from TAFL/TFL about my fanlistings being more than two month out of date, which was a surprise, because I had just checked my Enth dashboard the day before. After tweeting about it, a friend told me that it’s been happening to others, and they had to mess around with the script to change the inactivity warning time.

I looked into the code, and tried that, but it wasn’t getting all my fanlistings that were clearly out of date, so I ended up rewriting the portion of the code that checks for inactivity. The old way was done by using PHP’s date() function to figure out which sequential week of the year a particular fanlisting’s last update date was, and checking if it had more than 8 difference to the current sequential week of the year. For whatever reason, it wasn’t consistent, so I rewrote it instead comparing the difference between the two dates in the number of days between them.

It’s not a full tutorial because it’s basically just some search and replace or move lines around.

If you’re using Enthusiast 3.1.5, I highly recommend applying this fix, so you don’t have to worry about your dashboard not warning you.

View the instructions on pastebin / github gist.

I’ve been working on a syntax update for Enthusiast, but until that’s done, it’ll just be a few fixes here and there. There’s a bug in the disabling country field for fanlistings that I fixed, but still need to be fully tested. I’ll link it here later when it’s been tested by more people.

PHP Dynamic Navigation

2015.11.03 Tutorials 1 Comment

Oops, so I wrote this bit of code months ago, but got lazy about writing the actual tutorial. Basically, if you don’t want to install a CMS and just want to have dynamic/variable page title or navigation highlight, where your current page is displayed differently in the navigation, so that your visitor knows which menu item they are on.

First, you want to grab the page name, be it page.php or index.php?page


Then we need to parse it, depending on if it’s just page.php, or it has a query string (aka the stuff after the ? in page.php?query or page.php?q=query).

if (strlen($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']) > 0)
$page = (strpos($url, "=") > 0) ? (substr($url, strpos($url, "=") + 1))
: (substr($url, strpos($url, "?") + 1));

In the if statement, we are testing if the length of the query is greater than 0, so if there is a query, presumably it will be greater than 0, after which we need to determine if it’s page.php?query or page.php?var=query (var being anything).

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DIY Wooden Monitor stand

2015.10.31 Hobbies and Crafts, Personal 8 Comments


I’ve been kind of obsessed with these ever seeing some really sleek looking ones on sale on Etsy, but the price was more than I could justify spending. So when I found some DIY guides on how to make some, I jumped on the chance.

I got the supplies from IKEA and Home Depot.

And of course, you’ll need a drill, as electric drills will make this easier. The stuff I got from IKEA cost about $20, including the cheap pack of brushes, and the stain supply plus rags and paint thinner cost about $30. Not as cheap as I was hoping, but the experience was well worth it. Staining the wood was the best part. And now that I have the supplies, if I happen to find better wood in the future, I can just replace the cheap $3.99 Ekby Tryggve I got, stain the new piece, and screw the legs on again. Natural wood would be extra fancy, but even an untreated wood with gloss would look nice.

All in all, I am very happy with the results. I don’t have an excuse to slouch anymore, because I’d need to sit up straight if I want to see my monitor at the right angle.

When the holidays roll around, I want to get a new monitor, my old 20″ monitor is smaller than I’d like, and I’ve had it for years. I really want a 23″-24″ one.

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2015.09.19 Personal, Sitely Matters 4 Comments

Oops, I let life kind of kick this blog on the back burner again.

The short life update is, I did finally get a job, and most of my time has been consumed by that. The whole early morning and doing the 8-5 thing is still something I need to get used to, ’cause when I get home I unfortunately don’t want to do much.

As for tutorials, believe it or not, I wrote up a script for a tutorial almost a month ago, but I’ve been dragging my feet on writing the actual post.

What prompted me to finally log in and make this post is the official shutdown of Kippt, which was a serviced I loved using to keep track of all my resources and interesting tutorials and such. Since that’s no longer a thing, I think it’s time I make a schedule for myself and get working on the Delicious clone I’ve been planning for some time, since I can’t find a better alternative besides pinboard.

Anyway, I’ll get working on finishing that tutorial soon.

Residue of Student Woes

2015.08.13 Personal 8 Comments

Ah the dreaded student loans. Yes, unfortunately I have some. I graduated in June, but I’m still job hunting, and waiting to hear back from the few places I did well interviewing. In June, I got hit with a loan payment, due a few days after my graduation commencement date. I paid from the last 2-3 months of paychecks from my school job, sans whatever I had to fork over for tuition.

I was pretty annoyed they hit me with a payment the month I was graduating, not even giving me a bit of time to find a job first. But strangely enough the next month, in July, they did not bill me. I thought maybe they were getting the deferment back on schedule.

But to be safe, I regularly checked my account, and still it said I owed $0.00 for my next payment. The last time I checked was earlier this week. Still the nice $0.00 due.

A few minutes ago I got an email from MyFedLoan telling me I have a bill. I was disappointed but hoped they were billing me for September, but nope, around past 11 PM, on August 13, 2015, they wanted me to know I had a due payment on August 15, 2015, a Saturday.

If I hadn’t hooked my email up on my phone, maybe I might have missed the email until late Friday night, or even Saturday, thereby missing a payment.

I just can’t believe they have a system in which they would alert you 2 days before your payment was due that you in fact had a payment.

Who ever came up with their system sure has a great big heart.

I hope I’m not making a big deal out of this, but I do think it’s extremely unfair they notified me out of the blue, on such a short notice when the previous month I was still in deferment. I don’t even want to think about the consequences of me failing to pay because I didn’t realize I had a payment due.

I’ll pay my loan off ASAP as soon as I land a job, but until then, it would be nice if I could be treated with an ounce of respect from them, but that’s probably too much to ask.