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2015.03.29 Hobbies and Crafts, Personal 12 Comments

Last December, I finally got my wish and upgraded to owning a smart phone. I’m still kind of in that “let me show you my baby” phase, so bear with me. Anyway, I’m always interested in seeing what people decorate their phones with. I get kind of crazy with custom icons, even on my PC.

I own a Samsung Galaxy S5 in white, with this pink case by Caseology. I’m using CM Locker for my custom lockscreen, Zooper Widget for the home screen clock, and LINE DECO for the icons. And my Kaworu charm is from here.

I’m a huge EXO fan, and my bias is D.O., so my lockscreen and home screen are both promo images of him from their new album EXODUS. Speaking of which, all the teaser trailers look really well-done. I really can’t wait for the full MV release. I already cracked and pre-ordered the album.

Apps I use a lot are: LINE Messenger, Any.do’s Cal, Instagram, Twitter, VSCO Cam, SwiftKey, and Textra as my SMS replacement.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

I’d love to see what other people have on their phones, and what their favorite apps are. Leave me a comment with those if you’d like to share.



I like your phone and the screensaver! Nice customisation :D

My screensaver has Kili from The Hobbit XD And I only use apps like Twitter, Gmail, and Instagram to do daily stuff. I don’t really do gaming apps or anything like that. I just use my phone to check my email and social media. ^^


    Omg getting twitter on my phone was the best and worst decision of my life, I can’t put it down, and I check instagram waaaay too often.


Your phone is so cute!


Love what you did with your phone! :D I went through a phase that I’d change my phone “theme” constantly. For a while I used the Themer app and customized my own themes. But now I stick with Aviate, which is like a third party launcher and I like how it makes everything look! :D But once I get started on changing things up on my phone, I just never stop haha

xo Grace


    haha yeah, so true! Once you start customizing, you really can’t go back to the default.


It looks really pretty. I am not that creative at customising my phone and I often have no case either. I still have an iPhone 4s and will probably upgrade at some point.

I started using the app Inbox by Google on my phone and like that. Also use Twitter, Instagram all the time. :D


    Thanks! The S5 is really slippery, I almost feel like you need to get a case or else it’ll slip right out of your hand haha. How is the Inbox? It looks interesting, but I still just use the regular gmail app.


Aww your phone is so cute and lovely! Love smartphones too and your wallpaper is <3



Awesome, I got a Samsung Alpha earlier this year and I really like it. OH, and you just made me download Line Deco, such a genious app!


    I was pretty tempted to get an Alpha, because the design is really sleek. Haha I’ve been converting everyone I can to use it, it makes customizing your phone so easy.

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