Balancing Act

2015.04.29 Personal 4 Comments

Oops, I let school and life take over a little too much. The short version is I’m on my last quarter of classes and I’ve got 3 weekly labs, homework, and 2 quizzes a week, and a senior project I’m kind of procrastinating on.

The computer science department usually gets its share of weird people, and most of them are fine, but being a tutor and having to deal with all of them can sometimes be a pain. Unfortunately the number of guys who smell funny is getting to me. And what’s more annoying are the people who put zero effort in learning how to code, but will go to the walk-in lab expecting tutors to write their homework for them…

It’s dealing with all that which can make you appreciate people who do take it seriously and learn and do well.

But in general, this all makes me think, “do these people think this will work out in the real world?” No one’s going to hold your hand if you’re not willing to put the effort in yourself. Worst yet are the people who straight up just copy and leech off people. Those losers who will sit close to you and literally copy every line of code you write, until you catch them and move to a different seat. If you need help, ask. Don’t just crane your neck over and spy off people’s computers.



Yike. People who assume others will always hold their hand and think they’ll succeed will never succeed! They need to learn to do things themselves. You cannot always rely on others! I never liked people like that. When I was in uni, I had many classmates who’d skip 80% of the class. THey’d only show for the exams. And then they had enough nerves to ask others for their notes. Couple people tried to pull that stunt on me, and I said NO WAY. Now, if you were sick and whatnot, then I’ll be relenting. But skipping just to play? Nope.


    Yeah I don’t understand people like that. Do they just not realize to be an adult is to be responsible??? Like if you can’t do this, no one else is going to do it for you, and no one else is going to take care of you later. And in college, it’s like…. you’re paying for this. You’re wasting money.


Eeek. That would be a bit hard to handle, the smell. You would think maybe a little effort with hygiene would also be nice.

That sucks that some people don’t do the work and just want to copy off other people. I have a habit of leaving things to the last minute, but I would never take another persons work. If you have a teacher that is working hard to educate you, I think it is so rude to to just go on a ride. I like to show respect when it is clearly deserved. If a teacher doesn’t even care, I still do my work, I just prefer limited communication. xD


    Yeah the smell really gets to you… why do guys smell so bad???

    The number of people who eavesdrop and spy for answers is ridiculous. If they put half as much effort into learning the material, they’d actually get somewhere. We do weekly quizzes in some of my classes, and can work together, but some people, instead of asking for help or working with us, would just wait for us to get the answers and then listen when we discuss and write down what we put. My friends and I are planning to sit in another area in the classroom to avoid those people.

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