What OS are you running?

2015.05.16 Tutorials 7 Comments

Are you using Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux? And the second question I’d ask is, are you interested in learning basic programming?

If you’re using Linux, chances are, you already know some basic programming. If you’re using Mac OS X, which is Linux-based, you can easily code and compile your programs, too. If you’re using Windows though, you’ll have to jump through some hoops to accomplish the same thing, but it’s definitely doable.

I have a Windows desktop and a Macbook Pro. I code mostly on my Macbook Pro. And the biggest reason is the Terminal. Before I started studying Computer Science, command line stuff scared me, and I preferred doing everything through a graphical interface. Now that I’ve used a lot of command line stuff, for a lot of things I prefer running things command line instead of through a graphical user interface.

If you’re using Linux or OS X, you can easily code in C and C++, but if you’re running Windows, you might have to install some extra programs just to get that running.

I would prefer to do tutorials in C++, but most people probably would prefer PHP. It’s just C++ is easily transferable because so many other languages are based on C, so once you know the foundation, it’s easy to apply it. Another reason is C/C++ is more powerful than PHP and has strong data typing, which makes for better foundation than weak data typing in PHP.

So I guess what I’m getting at is if enough people have OS X, I’ll do tutorials in both PHP and C++, otherwise I’ll stick to PHP.



I’m running on Windows 8. I considered studying coding but found it too frustrating for me. I used to work for a webhost though and we had a lot of linux servers so I’m no strange to command line.. it just scares me :P If I had the option of doing something with a GUI I’d choose that, even if it took longer.


I run Windows 7, and I have zero programming experience. Well, I took Visual Basics and Java in high school, but I remember nothing of it! If you do tutorials on PHP, I’ll definitely take a look! :)


I’m running Windows 7 and I’m looking forward to your tuts!


I run OS X Yosemite, but only code design stuff. It’s possible I’ll learn other coding eventually but only for web related stuff I think. Terminal and command tools are like Greek to me, seriously. But I have a dream of learning Javascript and node.js, and be able to create a commenting system for Ghost.


Already posted at Amassment, but I’m not sure if you prefer the reply here so:

Windows 7 on the PC and Windows 8 on the laptop.

Also if I can still throw more tutorial suggestions out there for later, Flash would be nice too, along with Java Script and intermediate/advanced PHP.


    I can do javascript and php, but I have no experience in flash.


I use Mac, Windows 7 and Windows 8. I know a bit about PHP and would love, love, love to learn more! And even if you are to write a tutorial(s) for C++, I would read them regardless. Knowledge is power after all :)

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