Residue of Student Woes

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Ah the dreaded student loans. Yes, unfortunately I have some. I graduated in June, but I’m still job hunting, and waiting to hear back from the few places I did well interviewing. In June, I got hit with a loan payment, due a few days after my graduation commencement date. I paid from the last 2-3 months of paychecks from my school job, sans whatever I had to fork over for tuition.

I was pretty annoyed they hit me with a payment the month I was graduating, not even giving me a bit of time to find a job first. But strangely enough the next month, in July, they did not bill me. I thought maybe they were getting the deferment back on schedule.

But to be safe, I regularly checked my account, and still it said I owed $0.00 for my next payment. The last time I checked was earlier this week. Still the nice $0.00 due.

A few minutes ago I got an email from MyFedLoan telling me I have a bill. I was disappointed but hoped they were billing me for September, but nope, around past 11 PM, on August 13, 2015, they wanted me to know I had a due payment on August 15, 2015, a Saturday.

If I hadn’t hooked my email up on my phone, maybe I might have missed the email until late Friday night, or even Saturday, thereby missing a payment.

I just can’t believe they have a system in which they would alert you 2 days before your payment was due that you in fact had a payment.

Who ever came up with their system sure has a great big heart.

I hope I’m not making a big deal out of this, but I do think it’s extremely unfair they notified me out of the blue, on such a short notice when the previous month I was still in deferment. I don’t even want to think about the consequences of me failing to pay because I didn’t realize I had a payment due.

I’ll pay my loan off ASAP as soon as I land a job, but until then, it would be nice if I could be treated with an ounce of respect from them, but that’s probably too much to ask.




The short notice is NOT nice. I’m surprised your loans started so soon after you graduated. I can’t remember what my terms were for my loans, maybe it started six months after graduation (?), but I actually ended up paying for my really small loan before I graduated, so I was lucky enough to not deal with them at all.

You have my sympathy :( Is there a thing you can read up on to see if it states anything about when your payments are due and all the blahblahblahs?


    Thanks, unfortunately they’re pretty old school loans, but since I was still in school, I had been regularly sending them forms about me still in school, so they should have known I’d only gotten out in June, but their whole system is pretty messy I’m honestly not surprised they pulled this on me. I’m just annoyed about the 2 day notice.

    Every time I call them about something, they either promise me they’ll handle it, and don’t, or I get directed to fill out more forms. Either way it takes forever, and at this point I don’t want to risk not paying by accident, so I’ll just swallow up the pain. I just hope I hear back from one of the places I interviewed soon.

    Thanks for your sympathy! ;_;


How frustrating! As if taking a loan out isn’t bad enough… I feel like loans are a trap sometimes with the interest rates and how poorly the borrowers can be treated during the repayment process. I agree that the alert system should be better, or at least not give a two days worth of notice.


    Ugh yes! Student loans where it actually is the case of you can have my money “over my dead body,” because death is the only thing that will free me from my loans. I want to pay mine off in 2 years, since I live at home. It’s such a burden emotionally; constantly hanging over my head.


That’s the problem with the educational system: the ridiculous expense of college in either graduate or undergrad.My husband has so much loans that we can’t afford to pay them and if we did pay them, then we couldn’t live on our own. I don’t work right now, but I plan on working soon in the fall/winter time in between school.

I know the perils of education and that’s why I’m staying and paying what I can to not take out loans. It’s difficult for financial aid, let me tell you. But I am doing it slowly. I just gotta be careful or else I could be in trouble. Regardless, I hope you find a job soon!


    Ugh yes, it really shouldn’t cost a fortune. I had to take these loans when I was pursuing a career that had to be financed through loans, and I later changed tracks after a year. If I had stayed through the whole thing, I’d be in the hole for much more.

    Thank you! I actually just heard back from a job, so at least I’ve got some job security finally.


That’s really odd. I don’t know if it’s dependent on what state you live in and what type of loan you take out, but with mine I was given I think 3 months grace after graduation before I had to make a payment. Then I made one payment before I deferred for one year due to living and working in another country. However, I’m lucky in that I had to take out a minimal amount of loans and I also attended an in-state university, but still. It sucks knowing you owe money to some big company.

Have you tried to get in contact with whoever your loan is with? :/


    My situation is a little bit different. It was the student loans from another degree, before I changed careers after a year. They gave me deferment while I was attending school for my CS degree, but all the while I was sending them enrollment verification. I was expecting them to give me 2-3 month after I graduate before they started the repayments again. :/

    But I just got news back from one of the places I interviewed, and so I ca afford payments next month without dipping into my reserves.

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