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Oops, I let life kind of kick this blog on the back burner again.

The short life update is, I did finally get a job, and most of my time has been consumed by that. The whole early morning and doing the 8-5 thing is still something I need to get used to, ’cause when I get home I unfortunately don’t want to do much.

As for tutorials, believe it or not, I wrote up a script for a tutorial almost a month ago, but I’ve been dragging my feet on writing the actual post.

What prompted me to finally log in and make this post is the official shutdown of Kippt, which was a serviced I loved using to keep track of all my resources and interesting tutorials and such. Since that’s no longer a thing, I think it’s time I make a schedule for myself and get working on the Delicious clone I’ve been planning for some time, since I can’t find a better alternative besides pinboard.

Anyway, I’ll get working on finishing that tutorial soon.



I so know the feeling of feeling too drained to do anything when coming home. It’s so weird. School never drained me like that, but work does. I’ve yet to figure out why that’s the case. :/ I hope you’ll get used to the routine and won’t be as tired as time goes on!


    Thanks! Me too. It’s been almost a month, and I keep saying I’ll plan next weekend better, but it hasn’t happened yet haha.


That is good news that you got a job. I can understand being tired and not wanting to do much else but have some time to relax.

It is so annoying when sites you use and like close down. :( I like the idea of the project you are working on. There isn’t really a good social bookmarking kind of thing where you can save links. So I am interested to keep updated on this. :D


    Thank you!

    Yeah, it’s hard to find exactly what you want… I used to love delicious, but then they changed their UI and made it a hassle to sort by tags, and I’m crazy about tags and organization. For a bookmark script, what other functions are you interested in that current bookmarking web apps lack?

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