Enthusiast 3.1.5 fixes

2016.04.12 Tutorials 4 Comments

First of all, I want to say, oops sorry for disappearing. Let’s just say I got distracted playing Dragon Age Inquisition.

This post is mostly focused on Enthusiast, the most popular fanlisting management script used. A few days ago, I woke up to about 10 inactivity emails from TAFL/TFL about my fanlistings being more than two month out of date, which was a surprise, because I had just checked my Enth dashboard the day before. After tweeting about it, a friend told me that it’s been happening to others, and they had to mess around with the script to change the inactivity warning time.

I looked into the code, and tried that, but it wasn’t getting all my fanlistings that were clearly out of date, so I ended up rewriting the portion of the code that checks for inactivity. The old way was done by using PHP’s date() function to figure out which sequential week of the year a particular fanlisting’s last update date was, and checking if it had more than 8 difference to the current sequential week of the year. For whatever reason, it wasn’t consistent, so I rewrote it instead comparing the difference between the two dates in the number of days between them.

It’s not a full tutorial because it’s basically just some search and replace or move lines around.

If you’re using Enthusiast 3.1.5, I highly recommend applying this fix, so you don’t have to worry about your dashboard not warning you.

View the instructions on pastebin / github gist.

I’ve been working on a syntax update for Enthusiast, but until that’s done, it’ll just be a few fixes here and there. There’s a bug in the disabling country field for fanlistings that I fixed, but still need to be fully tested. I’ll link it here later when it’s been tested by more people.



Good games can definitely take over our lives XD I’ve had that happen many times, haha! In fact, one of these days I want to play Bravely Default or maybe just re-play the Phoenix Wright games . . . XD

That sounds like a good fix to ensure you won’t run into this issue again! Good on you for fixing it. Good luck with the other syntax update you’re working on!


    Yeah, haha when you’re in that game mode, nothing else matters.

    Thanks, I just need to start working on it again, I keep putting it off.


I recently noticed I had the same issue with my own installation (i.e. I got an inactivity email from TFL) but haven’t had time/energy to properly research it. You saved me a lot of time with this fix, thanks for posting it! :D

Btw, it’s great to see that someone is working on improving Enthusiast. I’m looking forward to see your future updates!


    No problem, I’m glad to help.

    It’s been about 5 years since the code’s been updated, and I’m a bit crazy about up-to-date code for security reasons, and so many people use it. I’ll be slowing updating the code as much as I can :D

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