A Mobile Dilemma

2017.03.31 Personal 4 Comments

If you look back on my old entries, you can probably see I own a Samsung S5. Before I chose that phone, I was sort of wavering between an HTC One and a Samsung Galaxy. I’m glad I went with the S5, and despite its ugly plastic, I liked it a lot.

When the S6 was released, I liked it a lot (but wasn’t going to switch since I had just gotten my S5), but while I liked the design, it has its share of issues which made me cross it off as a possible “upgrade” later on. I’m not that crazy about getting the newest thing, so I don’t mind getting (gasp) a year-old phone. But I definitely liked the new look, especially the white color variant.

Then the S7 was released. I loved all the specs, but I just couldn’t stand the color choices, especially since I was on AT&T and they didn’t even offer silver. I know from opinion polls that the white variant was less popular, but to not offer it at all for US buyers really was disappointing. My old S5 still worked, so I wasn’t in any rush, but still I was thinking ahead.

Before the S8 release, I was really looking forward to the reveal, and hoping they’d offer a white version, especially for the US, but when the release hit on the 29th, I was disappointed to realize all three color variants had the same black cover in the front, which sort of defeats the purpose for me. The backside looks so nice, but the front makes it look like an entirely different phone. Honestly the color I was only thing I was looking forward to. Most of the new features I didn’t really care for (I have no real use for an AI assistant).

I know i’m probably making a huge fuss over this, and I realize I’m being incredibly picky over aesthetics, but I care about how my things look a lot, and since white variant phones always appealed to me (I like pairing the white with a pastel colored case), I wanted a white phone. Since my hopes were dashed with the S8 release, I looked at other phones for an alternative, because now my old S5 wasn’t as nice as it used to be, and I really wanted a new phone.

If I wanted a white phone, my best options were:

  1. Google Pixel and Pixel XL
  2. LG G6
  3. Huawei P9
  4. Apple iPhone 7
  5. Samsung Galaxy S7 (international version)

Despite how stylish the physical iPhone is, I am just not a fan of iOS, so that’s not a realistic switch for me. Huawei’s P9 looked nice, but besides being less popular and having less case options, I also wasn’t too keen on it either way. The same applied to the LG G6. These two phones would be my desperate fall back choices. Google’s Pixel had great reviews, but I don’t know if I could live with Google’s ridiculous blob emojis, and it’s best selling point would be that it was white. And on-screen “buttons” weren’t my favorite either (which was a problem I was willing to overlook on the S8).

So with all those shallow reasons, I decided to go with the S7, because I do like Samsung’s phones a lot, from S6 and up they’ve made their own theme options that makes it much easier to fully customize the look without rooting your phone, and besides all the great specs, I also get my favorite emoji style—all for much less money than the S8. It’s one year old, but that’s not an issue for me. Buying it though, was an issue. This was the reason why I didn’t seriously consider it before, because it wasn’t available in the US. I was also paranoid that an international phone wouldn’t work on our networks, but I got over my fears and did my research. I also found the pastel color cases I liked, and ordered both off Amazon.

I’ll update when I get the phone, but I’m hoping this will work out like I expect. And I probably won’t switch phones for another 2+ years.



I understand where you’re coming from with the colour. I’m super picky, too, and if something doesn’t match my colour preferences, I will not get it ^^;; The S7 is a great phone from what I’ve seen and heard! I almost went for an S7 (I had an S3 for 3.5 years) last September, but I decided on an iPhone SE because I was kind of fed up with Android by then and wanted to give iOS a try, providing I didn’t have to install iTunes on my PC, haha! And so far I’m loving it ^^; It’s limited in some ways to Android, yes, but I’m happy with it for the most part :)

Enjoy the new phone and I hope it works out well for you!


    Yeah I really like the design of the iPhones, I’m just not crazy about the controls in the OS itself.



I generally only upgrade my phone every two years, but with buying the iPhone 7 it was only a year after the previous model for me! 😆 I’m an Apple fan, and my first smartphone was an iPhone, but I did try Android for a few years before deciding that it was not for me.

When I did have an Android phone I chose one with a white back cover but it really bothered me that the face was black and not white. :/ I don’t think you are being too picky about aesthetics. It really matters! Personally, if I am in desperate need of a new phone, I will go ahead and buy it and not worry too much about aesthetics… but generally, I do care about it. :)

Apple recently came out with the red iPhone and I *really really want it* because I am a huge, huge fan of the colour red. I was obsessing about it for the whole first week it came out (wait, has it even been a week since it was released? 😆)… but the rest of the design is not quite “right” to me. A phone is a very personal item so to care so much about the appearance is not unusual at all.

I hope your new phone serves you well!


    Yeah each have their benefits, and it’s hard to switch between them since their OS experience is so different. I really like how tight and uniformed the iOS experience is though, even if I still prefer Androids.

    I just wish so many new android phones didn’t do the black front but different color back cover thing. It’s really inconsistent for the overall look. The new red iPhone looks really interesting, it really stands out haha, but besides the color I wish they did more to it. I agree, our phones are so personal, it really has to be just right for each of us.

    Thank you!

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