Successful Phone Upgrade

2017.04.10 Personal 5 Comments

So last weekend my new Galaxy S7 arrived, and I got it all set up. I’m super pleased with it, in both hardware, software, and appearance. One unexpected plus was how efficient the new battery is. My old S5 used to drain as it sat idle, and now I don’t even have to charge when I’m at work. The themes Samsung built in was also really nice. It just runs so smoothly, and with so many extra default settings available, I don’t even need to use a lot of the old customizing apps I had before. The only thing I kept was LINE Deco for icon customization; everything else is the default. I also got a cute case for it and a screen protector just to save myself from the finger print smudges.

I don’t have much else to say except I’m extremely happy with the new phone, and I probably won’t be upgrading for another 2-3 years.

Lockscreen wallpapers are by Punziella and Isolenta.



Glad to hear you are happy with the new phone! :) I’ve gotten into the habit of not buying a phone case because they tend to bulk up the phone and I like my phone for what it is. Of course I instantly regret it the moment I get a scratch. I have only ever dropped my current phone on carpet but in the past I’ve definitely done things like cracked the screen, gotten dents on the corners, etc. 😆 I know from having a phone case or a screen protector that I’ll hate it and get sick of it and take it off after some time though. You can’t win. 😜


    Thanks! I do think a lot of phone cases ruin it, but I like these thin ones that give zero protection but just add color haha. I’ve never dropped my phone, so hopefully my luck will last, since the case won’t protect it.

    As much as I like the shiny white of the original phone, it’s really sleek and slippery, and I can definitely imagine it flying out of my hand, so the one useful part of having the jelly case is its grip.

    Haha so many things to pick on.


Nice! Glad you’re liking your new phone :) I got a wallet case for mine because it helps me grip my phone better. My hands don’t have the best motor control, so that case helps. Plus, it prevents scratches, so that’s also a plus for me. Enjoy your new phone! It’s amazing how nice it feels after dealing with your old laggy phone. I know I was pleased by my upgrade from my 3.5-year-old phone!


I’m really glad that you like your S7! My brother has a S7 and he goes on about how much he loves it :) The camera is ace, I am always looking for a good camera so that is important for me when choosing a phone. I recently upgraded to the iPhone 6 Plus which I haven’t regretted at all!


Grand choice for a phone. I have an iPhone7+ but I’ve been toying with the idea of going back to Android again, simply for the open source OS and being able to customize and do more with it. Still not sure though.

I’m too clumsy to not have a case on my phone. I literally don’t trust myself. Haha. Plus, I’m used to it and I don’t mind having a case, because it gives me a way to express myself. I might have a bit of an obsession with cases because I own way too many.

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