“Eternity in an Instant” in its initial creation was just meant to be a personal blog, but juggling how much personal information I really wanted to share publicly as well as what exactly to blog about became a struggle, and after much procrastination, it dropped into hiatus indefinitely. After a lot of rethinking, I finally decided to get a fresh start and dropped my old database with all the old entries, and uploadedĀ a clean WP installation, as well as move URLs.

This blog originally started at aurenen.org, before I decided to turn it into a portfolio, after which I moved it to sunspear.org, but after being disillusioned by the state of the novels which “sunspear” was from, as well as the direction of Game of Thrones the show, I wanted to cut ties with that series, so I let that domain go, and moved the blog to its current location.

The goal of this blog is to get back to regular blogging, and use my knowledge in programming to help other website hobbyists, since I hold fond memories of similar sites teaching me when I was younger.

“Masao” is a nickname I’ve used publicly for many years, and I am a Computer Science graduate who used to work part-time at my university as a department tutor and teaching assistant. I’m currently working as a entry-level programmer. If I had to name a personality flaw, I’d say I get a little too worked up over bad code; as in I’ll toss and turn in bed after seeing bad code being promoted somewhere, hours after I first saw it.

The Blog Theme

This theme was coded by me based on the starter theme Underscores. The current layout was made in an attempt to mix my personal tastes in blog themes with pretty flower drawings. The floral drawing is by Webvilla and the pattern is by August Empress (which is sadly offline now). The fonts used are Awesome Handmade, Venice Serif, Old Standard TT, Lora, and Fira Sans Extra Condensed.

Most of the images used for the sidebar profile are by Unsplash (the floral photos), with the remaining few being photos taken by me of my favorite things.