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When Developers Go Silent

2016.10.09 Reviews 4 Comments

Oops, I’ve neglected this blog again, but the short version is I have been working on a lot of things, and I’ll blog about those in the future, but this entry is about how frustrated I’ve been with an app I used to love, and my unsuccessful attempts at reaching the people behind it.

I’m talking about Moldiv, which is on both iOS and Android. I have the app on android.

To preface this, I’ve used Moldiv many times, and it is my go to app for collages. I liked it so much I bought their Premium Frames Pack. It turned out that I didn’t care as much for them, but that was okay, because I like supporting apps and the developers behind them. But Moldiv still constantly bugged me about getting their Full Upgrade Pack. Since I liked their magazine frames so much, and the prompted pop up promised me 100+ new magazine frames, I thought “why not?” I paid and nothing new appeared, but I was no longer being bugged about getting that upgrade pack, so while I felt a bit cheated, I didn’t come out of this totally empty handed.

I’m sort of a push over. If I get less than stellar service, I usually don’t complain. I understand things happen, and there’s no point making a ruckus over it. Which is why even though I paid more money for the Full Upgrade Pack, and essentially got nothing for it, I still had access to their standard magazine frames, and I used those often (my instagram has a lot of them).

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